About Association of Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy Professionals (YERMAM)

The Association of Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy Professionals is established with the objective of developing collaboration in economic and technical fields, bringing together domestic and foreign professionals working in the field of geoscience, mining and metallurgy in order to avail themselves of the knowledge and mutual technologies in these fields, developing a collaboration among the association’s members and a collaboration between National Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee of Turkey (UMREK).

The Association of Geosciences, Mining and Metallurgy Professionals is the national, private, independent and non-profit association representing the companies and institutions operating in the mining industry of Turkey.

The association also seeks to encourage the sustainable development and the use of better occupational health and safety practices in mining industry with the help of supporting studies, researches, developments and the use of the best available technologies.

The exchange of ideas and know-how as well as the discussion of challenges faced in the mining industry and the mineral industry's concerns are highly valued by the YERMAM. Another main purpose is to increase the technological capability of human resources in the mining industry.

The establishment of such association in Turkey should receive a widespread response abroad and ensure more active attraction of foreign investment to the mining and geological complex of Turkey and recognition of YERMAM by the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO).

With the acceptance of the UMREK Code by CRIRSCO with full movement of the evaluation in the country to international standards, establishment of a professional organization of independent experts and in this regard appearance of the national institute of “Competent Persons” is a major step forward in integration of Turkey specialists into the global geological and mining community.

YERMAM plans to help the sector people gain familiarity with the UMREK Code at a more advanced level. YERMAM present priority is to help develop the skills of Turkish professionals.

No Name Surname Profession Assignment
1 Halit Semih DEMİRCAN Mining Engineer President
2 İbrahim GÜNEY Geological Engineer Vice President
3 Selami KORKMAZ Attorney at Low Secretary-General
4 Hasan YÜCEL Mining Engineer Accountant
5 Atiye TUĞRUL Geological Engineer Member
6 Abdullah KARAMAN Geophysical Engineer Member
7 Sevda GÜNER Public Relations Specialist Member
8 Ahmet ŞENTÜRK Geological Engineer Member
9 Nuri CEYHAN Geological Engineer Member

No Name Surname Profession Assignment
1 Mümin AYDIN Mining Engineer Auditor
2 Murat YILMAZ Geological Engineer Auditor
3 Mücella ERSOY Mining Engineer Auditor