"As of January 23, 2019 the initial assignment of Competent Persons among the professional members of YERMAM has been made by National Resources and Reserves Reporting Committee of Turkey (UMREK).

In additon, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Guideline, which Competent Persons are subject to, has been also prepared and issued by UMREK. CPD Guideline which our professional members assigned by UMREK as a Competent Person should comply with is also recommended our all members to follow for their professional development. You can reach the CPD Guideline from the link below."

CPD Guideline

Application and Payment

  The applicant, who is applying for any membership, is first accepted as a member with the decision taken by the Board of Directors. Then, with the required documents (an original signed petition specifying the request, a certificate of judicial registration and 2 reference letters from professional members) the member can be transferred to a professional membership. For that reason, even if the applicant has a request for being a professional member in the first instance, can primarily be accepted as a member.

  After the application for membership have been approved and notified to the applicant by the Board of Directors, the entrance fee and the monthly fee must be paid as soon as possible.

2018 Membership Fees

  • Membership/Professional Membership Entrance Fee: 50 TL
  • Membership/Professional Membership Fee per month: 20 TL

2019 Membership Fees
  • Membership Entrance Fee 250 TL
  • Professional Membership Entrance Fee: 300 TL
  • Membership Monthly Aid: 20 TL
  • Professional membership fee 100 TL per month,

2020 Membereship Fees
  • Membership Entrance Fee 250 TL
  • Professional Membership Entrance Fee: 300 TL
  • Membership Fee per month: 20 TL
  • Professional Membership Fee per month: 40 TL

Bank Account Information:
T.Vakıflar Bankası T.A.O., Madenve Petrol İşleri Bağlı Şube
Account Name: YERMAM
IBAN No: TR82 0001 5001 5800 7306 9526 91


Date Announcement
27.03.2019 Call to the first Extraordinary General Assembly
27.06.2018 Call to the first General Assembly